Friday, May 16, 2008

That's gotta hurt

A totally new method of regulating the size of the family.

I trust they do some planning before they start planing, in order to minimise the blood loss.

[Spotted by Todd Hintz at the Walgreens drugstore in St. Louis Park, MN on March 15, 2008 and he noted that both sides of the sign were misspelled. ]


Joe James said...

This is too funny, because i just commented to my wife about this one. i saw it at a Shopper's Drug Mart, so apparently clean family planning is important.

i'm still trying to figure out how a family planning diaper works. Kind of like a chasity belt?

Quinn and/or Lauralee said...

I also enjoy the fact that this store has a drive-through pharmacy, which inexplicable is located on aisle C3 INSIDE the store...