Sunday, November 13, 2005

It is all one sentence

They certainly don't write them like they used too.
[9 Sep 2005 Fowey, UK] Posted by Picasa

Would you join?

Oakdale Glee Society! What is a 'Glee' society?
[25 June 2005. Museum of Welsh Life, Cardiff, UK] Posted by Picasa

How many unique ways are there to read this headstone?

Someone with better maths skills than me can work it out, but I think it is over 2000
[24 Sep 2005, Monmouth, UK] Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 12, 2005

No wonder it wasn't open

If the gate is going to be "closed one hour before published time", let's say 6pm, then this gate has to close one hour before that i.e. 5pm, and since that fact is published on this gate it becomes the new "published time", and since this gate will close one hour before the published time, this gate has to close at 4pm, which means ....
[8 Aug 2001, Petersham, UK] Posted by Picasa

.... flowed away?

[3 Nov 2001, Thames path, UK] Posted by Picasa

Perhaps they read a different version?

Matthew 4:19 - And he said to them, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."
[17 Apr 2004, Bisham, UK] Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 11, 2005

Eyes front.

'Alas, I have no photo of the sign on the back of the pilot's seats on B737s. Apart from the fact that they can not rotate, one wonders what else was in the minds of those who mandated the sign that says, "Seats must face forward for takeoff and landing."

Then there is the OSH requirement that the security car park reserved for pilots only must have a certain minimum number of reserved car parks for the mobility impaired.'

Air NZ pilot

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Would that be 79, then?

Posted by Picasa [19 May 2003, Magic Mountain LA]

Well, they are not working on their spelling

Posted by Picasa [29 Jun 2002, Lewes, UK]

Just thought you would like to know

Posted by Picasa [10 Apr 2004, near Lynton, UK]

Want to hang out at the Mall?

Posted by Picasa The yellow sign reads "Tourist Shopping Mall" [4 Jan 2004, Trodos mountain, Cyprus]

Indeed, you are!

Posted by Picasa [10 Apr 2004, near Lynton, UK]

Zero Safety?

I think I would prefer just a little more safety at my workplace Posted by Picasa

Why bother?

Posted by Picasa [9 May 2004, Worlds End, UK]

How do you get to the top if you don't start at the bottom?

Sign is helpfully placed at the bottom of a windmill .... Posted by Picasa [29 Mar 2003, Bembridge Windmill, UK]

Perhaps for amphibious wheelchairs??

Posted by Picasa [8 Jun 2003, Ironbridge Gorge, UK]


I'd flown halfway round the world to visit the place! (The sign reads Hollywood Closed)Posted by Picasa [18 May 2003, Hollywood, USA]

Or, alternatively, walk straight ahead and hit the wall

How stupid is the average pedestrian anyway? Don't answer that! Posted by Picasa [Feb 2004, Oxford St, London, UK]

It's going to take a LOT of plants

(Sorry about the focus) This sign is in the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Read the sign! (If it hurts your eyes, skip to the end.) Posted by Picasa[18 Jan 2004, Heligan, Cornwall, UK]

Switched off yet still readable

A great power saving secret discovered by French Rail Posted by Picasa [25 May 2002, Gare du Nord, Paris]

I can't see the woods for the tree

Posted by Picasa [6 Apr 2003, Derbyshire, UK]

Oxymoron 2

Posted by Picasa [14 Sep 2003, Sandwich, UK]

Oxymoron 1

Posted by Picasa [30 May 2002, St Raphael, France]

OK then, I won't read it

Posted by Picasa [18 Apr 2003, M1, UK]

I thought it would be bigger.

Posted by Picasa [7 Sep 2003, London, UK]