Friday, May 05, 2006

Who writes this rubbish?

How, exactly, does a camera enforce traffic?

And why do they use a pictogram of a camera that most people could not identify with? When did you last see a camera with an expanding bellows lens arrangement?

(Although, if you squint and imagine hard, you can see the profile of a dog's head with a muzzle on it's snout.)

[On a street, any town, all over the UK]


Audi said...

OMG you can see a dog!!!! Again I say I love your blog!!!

Danneh said...

ahh...the joy of speed cameras...>_<

Teller said...

When I turn my head to the left I see a robot waving at me.

Marcheline said...

Hey - I posted some of my own silly signs (pictures I took in Scotland) on my blog.... you're welcome to put them up on this blog if you think they're funny enough!


Anonymous said...

I think that the camera image shown on the signs is amzingly recognisable as a camera. Just because it doesn't look like a camera it doesn't mean you don't think camera when you see it.

Mike said...

One of the many cameras I use is an old 50's era 4x5 monorail camera with pretty big bellows, so it was easily recognized by me.