Tuesday, May 02, 2006

And the winner is ...

Time to close competition number one. As with all good competition conclusion speeches, "The quality of the entries was extremely high and the judges found it very hard to come to a conclusion. They would like to thank all the entrants and are disappointed that you could not all win etc, etc, blah, blah ..."

The real answer, as supplied by Prasad, was that the sign is posted on the way to a beach in the Harihareshwar, India, area. It's supposed to warn motorists of people who are so taken by the sudden appearance of the sea that they may be running towards it.

Well, THAT was obvious wasn't it?

I am going to give first place to Cal with "when dancing, beware of spontaneous decapitation ..." and a close second to Teutsch with "Help! Man stuck in triangle!"


kiwi said...

warning: look out for cyclists throwing themselves head first into ground. next 3 kms.

kiwi said...

oops the other comment by me was for the sign above!