Sunday, April 02, 2006

I have heard of skate bowls but this is ridiculous!

Who would want to go roller-blading in a toilet anyway?

Could you use a U-bend as a half-pipe?

[Faversham, UK - April 2006]


Woman at the well said...

Well, maybe this one is due to the fact that other restaurants have been sued for generating accidents.

Alex said...

Would be kinda cool, you could fly off the stalls and stuff.

Yeah, as said above, the world is full of moron warnings because morons got hurt and were able to sue over it. Like the guy with the coffee that was too hot. I want to step on his head until my foot is covered in brains.


Roberto said...

No, I think they hate skaters just like everyone else.

Which is a shame, because I always wanted to skate in a public toilet.

Poll said...

Hello !

Very nice blog !!


Poll said...

Hello !

Very nice blog !!


Seenie said...

Skating at a public toilet! Bring it on! Sound like much fun!

silvia said...

those toilet bowls can be some ramps. the triks one can do are limitless (talking about skateboarding)

Lady Louisville said...

Love the blog! The scary thing is, they wouldn't tell you this stuff if someone hadn't tried it already!