Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A question of life or death

Now, I am not the world's greatest linguist but even I could work out that the message here was a trifle inconsistent.
If you are Swiss, German, French or Italian it pays not to go swimming. "Mortal Danger" or "Danger of Death". However, if you are English - get on in there. "Danger of Life!"

[Rhine Falls, Switzerland - 22 July 2010]


Star said...

So glad you brought this up. It is beyond me why, particularly in countries where there surely is a large and visible population of foreign native language speakers (of whatever language), offices of all public and private sorts don't contact a native speaker for help. This is a good one, and I'll take it to my ESL students, thanks!

tfwire said...

Are you certain about this?
A foolish man says he's certain

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billybob said...

Are you sure?